Strathglass Cottage – Self Catering Cottage

Thank you for choosing to stay at Strathglass Cottage.

Please take the time to read carefully through the Terms and Conditions in order that you understand the Contract you will be entering into if you decide to confirm a booking.

Strathglass Cottage is let as holiday/short stay accommodation and do not create a landlord and tenant relationship within the meaning of the Rents Acts.

Terms and Conditions

On receipt of your deposit you are confirming that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions and that they form a Contract between you, the Hirer and me, the Owner.


The Contract

The Contract between you, the Hirer and me, the Owner for the hire of Strathglass Cottage, is entered into at the time the booking deposit is paid.

We look forward to welcoming you on your arrival.

Booking Procedure


Provisional Booking

A provisional booking can be made on-line, by email, phone or in writing but the booking will only become secure on receipt of the necessary deposit.

Confirmed Booking

To confirm your booking, please complete and return the Booking Form together with a cheque for the deposit or BACS payment within one week of making the provisional booking.

The Booking Form

The Booking Form must be completed and signed by the person responsible for making the booking on behalf of him/herself and his/her friends/family who will be staying at Strathglass Cottage.

The details of all those staying should be included on the Booking Form.

Only those named on the Booking Form will be permitted to stay on the premises.

Deposit and Payment

A non refundable deposit of £50 per week is required to secure your booking. If your booking is 12 months or more in advance then a deposit of 25% will be required.

On paying the deposit you, the Hirer enter into a Contract of hire with me and will become liable for the full cost of hire.

The Balance of the payment is due within 8 weeks of your stay.

Where bookings are taken within 8 weeks of your stay, full payment must be made immediately.

The deposit/payment should be sent by:

> Post to "Lesley Newbury" and sent to Yer We Be, Struy, By Beauly, Inverness-shire, IV4 7JS (Cheques payable to Lesley Newbury).

> By bank transfer (BACS) - please request the necessary details

Please note that all deposits are non-refundable and that credit cards are not permitted.

Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non refundable. If you are unable to fulfil your commitment to the Contract and you advise with more than 8 weeks before the commencement of your stay then you will only lose your non refundable deposit.

If there are 8 weeks or less to the date of your stay then full payment is required unless we are able to secure a booking to cover the period of your booking. If we manage to re-let the accommodation the re-letting price achieved will be returned to you less your deposit. Cancellation insurance is not compulsory, but it is strongly recommended to protect against the cancellation penalty.

If we are unable to fulfil the commitment to this Contract we will only cancel for reasons beyond our control. In such a case we will offer you alternative accommodation and if this is not acceptable a refund will be made to you.



Please confirm an approximate time of arrival on booking and if this changes please telephone ideally by the day before your arrival to advise of the change.

The Cottage will be available for check in from 4pm.

Only those listed on the Booking Form will be permitted to stay at Strathglass Cottage.

A key will be given to guests on arrival.


Please vacate the cottage by 10am in order that it can be prepared for incoming guests.

The cottage is thoroughly cleaned between lettings and should be left in the same condition on departure.

A full inspection of the cottage will be made on departure.

The key must be returned on departure.


Guests are expected to take reasonable and proper care of the premises and its furniture and fittings.

You will not normally be charged for minor breakages however, in entering the Contract the Hirer is agreeing to pay for any damage to the property which could have been avoided.

Please report any damage as soon as possible. Where damage is found after your departure, an invoice for the cost of any repairs or replacements will be forwarded to you.

Termination of Stay

We reserve the right to terminate your stay if members of your party are failing to treat the Cottage with due respect or are engaging in unreasonable noise or behaviour.


Pets are welcome by prior arrangement only.

If permission is granted for your pet(s) then they will not be permitted on any of the beds or furniture. No pets should be left unsupervised at Strathglass Cottage.

Pets must not be allowed to foul anywhere on the premises. Accidental fouling must be removed immediately.

Laundry Facilities

Strathglass Cottage has a washing machines and ironing facilities for you to take care of your own laundry during your stay.

Electricity/ heating

The cost of electricity and heating is included in the price. I do however ask that you take care not to use heating unnecessarily e.g. by leaving it on at night or whilst you are not at the premises.


Strathglass Cottage holds the necessary public liability insurance.

I do not however, accept responsibility for damage, loss or injury of you or any member of your group or your or their personal belongings or vehicles. You should arrange your own holiday cover to cover such an event.


Please note that any data gathered may be held on computer. It will never be passed to any third party.


Smoking is not permitted within The Cottage. Smoking is however permitted outside the property.


Free parking of vehicles can be made outside the Cottage.


We do not allow candles in our premises because of the risk of fire.


We above all want you to have a wonderful time at Strathglass Cottage. If for any reason you have a complaint please let us know as soon as reasonably possible, and in any event before departure, to allow remedial action to be taken. We undertake to repair or replace any faulty equipment with all due diligence. However, no claims will be entertained in respect of equipment which remains faulty beyond our control.